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Teets Family & Ancestry - Surname Index
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Abbott(5) Abel(5) Able(2) Ables(4) Ackerman(1) Ackins(1) Adams(87) Adamson(4) Addleman(1) Adenhart(1) Adkins(4) Adkison(3) Akey(1) Alarie(3) Albert(2) Alberts(1) Albright(2) Alderson(1) Aldhizer(2) Aldinger(2) Alexander(5) Alexopoulos(1) Alkire(5) Allen(10) Allender(1) Allison(2) Allmacher(1) Allmaker(6) Allman(24) Allott(1) Allred(2) Almond(2) Alois(1) Aloisi(7) Alpaugh(11) Alt(5) Altshular(1) Altweis(1) Alyea(6) Ambro(1) Ames(1) Ammons(1) Amsden(5) Anderegg(2) Anderson(36) Andrews(20) Andriessen(1) Angel(2) Angelena(1) Anglin(2) Ankrum(1) Anthony(3) Apgar(25) Appel(3) Apperson(2) Applefeller(1) Arbaugh(1) Arbogast(17) Arborgast(2) Archer(8) Arduini(6) Arel(1) Arey(1) Argo(2) Armentroute(1) Arms(1) Armstrong(8) Arndt(1) Arnet(10) Arnett(2) Arnold(33) Arthur(1) Artice(1) Ash(1) Ashby(1) Ashcraft(9) Ashfield(1) Ashley(3) Ashman(1) Atherson(1) Atkins(6) Atkinson(4) Atwood(1) Aucker(1) Augustine(4) Auldridge(1) Ault(7) Aultz(1) Austin(6) Auvil(1) Auville(1) Ayers(2) Aylor(4) Aytes(1)
Babb(1) Babbidge(1) Babbitt(2) Babbtree(1) Babson(1) Bachtel(3) Backer(2) Backus(2) Baer(1) Bafford(2) Bagress(1) Baier(1) Bailey(93) Baird(1) Baker(25) Bakke(1) Balcher(1) Baldassare(2) Balderson(1) Baldwin(3) Ball(4) Ballard(2) Balli(2) Balsinger(1) Bane(1) Banghart(4) Banks(1) Bannick(1) Banton(3) Baranyos(1) Barb(3) Barbato(3) Barber(2) Barbour(2) Barbrick(1) Barcelo(2) Barden(1) Barker(19) Barkman(1) Barnes(20) Barnes-Leho(1) Barnett(9) Barnette(1) Barnhart(3) Baron(4) Barr(6) Barrett(3) Barrish(2) Barrow(2) Barrows(2) Bartell(4) Bartelson(1) Barter(5) Bartholomew(2) Bartic(1) Bartlett(2) Barton(10) Barts(1) Basey(2) Basgall(1) Bashaw(1) Basile(2) Basista(2) Baskall(1) Batcheller(1) Bateman(1) Bates(7) Bathrick(1) Baughman(2) Baughn(4) Baum(1) Bauman(5) Baumgardner(6) Bausell(7) Baxa(18) Baxter(5) Bayer(1) Bays(10) Beach(4) Beal(1) Beale(6) Beall(1) Beals(4) Beamesderfer(1) Bean(27) Beard(5) Beardsley(1) Bearor(1) Beasley(2) Beatty(2) Beaver(4) Beavers(1) Bebee(1) Bechtel(2) Beck(9) Becker(5) Beckett(2) Beckey(6) Beckley(1) Beckman(2) Beckner(6) Becraft(2) Bedwell(1) Bee(2) Beebe(16) Beer(130) Beers(19) Beery(1) Befahrt(1) Beffort(2) Beford(2) Befort(263) Beggs(1) Beiley(1) Belcher(1) Bell(22) Bellamy(3) Bellinger(1) Bellis(1) Bellus(1) Belmont(4) Belote(1) Belt(2) Belzner(4) Bence(1) Bender(2) Benderin(1) Benear(1) Beneshek(1) Benn(1) Bennear(7) Bennet(1) Bennett(68) Benout(1) Bense(1) Benson(20) Bentz(1) Berg(1) Bernadino(2) Berry(10) Bess(3) Betit(1) Betts(4) Bettzze(1) Bevaqua(1) Beverage(4) Bibb(1) Bibler(3) Bickner(2) Biddle(9) Bieker(1) Biely(1) Bierman(4) Bigelow(3) Biggs(10) Bigman(1) Bilbrey(1) Bild(2) Bill(1) Billings(3) Billmeyer(5) Billups(1) Binder(7) Bines(1) Bingamon(5) Birch(1) Birchtold(1) Bird(8) Bise(2) Bishoff(3) Bishop(13) Bittel(1) Bittenbender(1) Bittinger(3) Bittles(3) Bixler(1) Black(37) Blackburn(2) Blackmann(1) Blacknel(1) Blackshire(2) Blackstock(4) Blackwell(6) Blacquiere(1) Blagg(3) Blair(7) Blaisdell(2) Blake(6) Blaker(2) Blakley(1) Blanchard(1) Bland(1) Blaney(4) Blankenship(4) Bleser(1) Blessing(1) Bloom(1) Bloomhuff(1) Blosser(2) Blouin(2) Blundall(1) Blystone(1) Boardwine(1) Boblett(2) Bobo(3) Bock(6) Bocook(29) Boden(1) Bodkin(3) Bodkins(3) Body(1) Boetzner(2) Bogard(2) Bogart(1) Boger(2) Boggess(14) Boggs(9) Bogue(4) Bohan(3) Bohman(3) Bohn(1) Bohrer(1) Bokavar(1) Bolduc(5) Bolenbaugh(2) Boles(1) Bolesta(2) Bolin(2) Bolkin(1) Bollard(1) Bolmer(3) Bolsonie(1) Bolton(3) Bolyard(12) Bonar(1) Bonasso(1) Bond(4) Bonner(6) Bonnett(6) Bonney(1) Bonome(1) Booher(2) Bookman(1) Boone(3) Boos(7) Booth(247) Boothe(10) Boquest(1) Borg(6) Borge(1) Borgheresi(1) Boring(1) Borough(2) Borrer(1) Borror(2) Borroughs(1) Bortz(1) Boseley(1) Boserman(1) Bosley(19) Boss(4) Bostic(1) Boswell(2) Botkin(2) Bott(8) Bottorff(1) Bouchie(1) Boude/Boone(1) Boulet(2) Bousquet(1) Bowden(1) Bowen(7) Bowers(3) Bowery(1) Bowie(1) Bowles(4) Bowling(2) Bowman(21) Boyagian(4) Boyce(1) Boyd(8) Boyer(11) Boyle(2) Boyles(23) Bozarth(2) Brace(2) Bracey(2) Bracket(1) Bradbury(2) Bradfield(8) Bradford(3) Bradley(2) Brady(14) Brafford(1) Bragdon(2) Braham(5) Brake(36) Bramer(1) Branstetter(2) Brant(1) Branton(1) Brasseur(2) Braun(1) Bray(1) Breakall(2) Breakell(1) Breakiron(1) Breeden(3) Breen(1) Breidschwerd(1) Bretz(1) Brewer(2) Brewster(3) Bridge(2) Bridges(2) Brierly(2) Briggs(3) Bright(8) Brill(11) Brille(1) Britt(1) Britz(1) Broadwater(1) Brock(3) Brockett(1) Brocksch(1) Brockway(1) Brodhead(1) Brogan(1) Brohard(1) Bronner(3) Brookman(1) Brookover(3) Brooks(13) Browing(1) Brown(100) Brown/Goodwin(2) Brownfield(3) Browning(8) Broyles(1) Bruce(2) Brueland(1) Bruffy(1) Brull(21) Brumbaugh(1) Bruner(27) Brungardt(1) Bry(1) Bryan(8) Bryant(3) Bryers(1) Bryne(4) Bryner(1) Bryon(1) Bryson(2) Buchanan(21) Buck(3) Buckey(5) Bucklew(15) Buckley(1) Bucy(1) Budlong(1) Buffington(3) Bull(1) Bullard(1) Bullington(1) Bullock(1) Bulmer(1) Bumgarner(1) Bumpus(1) Bundy(1) Bunell(2) Bungard(5) Bunker(4) Bunn(2) Bunnell(2) Burbank(1) Burbidge(1) Burch(15) Burdett(1) Burdette(6) Burdge(1) Burford(1) Burgardt(1) Burge(1) Burgess(8) Burk(6) Burke(20) Burke-Clark(1) Burkett(2) Burkhard(6) Burkhardt(2) Burkhart(11) Burkholder(4) Burklew(2) Burley(1) Burnell(3) Burner(4) Burnett(1) Burnham(5) Burns(6) Burnside(2) Burr(6) Burright(3) Burrill(1) Burroughs(3) Burt(2) Burton(4) Busey(1) Bush(12) Bushee(1) Bussoid(1) Butcher(6) Butler(11) Butterway(2) Butts(3) Byers(1) Byles(1) Byrd(6) Bywater(1)
Caddick(2) Cade(2) Cadwallader(2) Cadwell(1) Cage(1) Cain(3) Calclough(2) Cale(4) Caley(2) Calhoun(8) Call(1) Callum(1) Calvert(1) Camden(1) Cameal(1) Cameron(1) Camp(1) Campau(2) Campbell(35) Canaday(2) Cane(1) Canfield(3) Canley(1) Cann(1) Cannon(1) Canter(1) Canterbury(1) Cantrell(4) Capel(1) Caplinger(14) Caputo(6) Carey(1) Carley(2) Carlisle(2) Carlson(2) Carman(3) Carmichael(1) Carneal(3) Carnes(1) Carney(8) Carpenter(14) Carper(6) Carr(20) Carrico(1) Carrigan(2) Carroll(3) Carry(1) Carson(9) Cart(1) Carte(2) Carter(16) Cartwright(15) Caruso(2) Carver(6) Casale(1) Cascio(1) Case(4) Casebolt(1) Cash(5) Caslin(4) Casperson(1) Cass(1) Cassel(3) Cassell(1) Casteel(106) Castell(1) Castile(1) Castill(1) Casto(231) Castorly(1) Castow(1) Cate(1) Cathorpe(1) Caton(6) Caudill(4) Cavanash(1) Cavanaugh(1) Cavell(1) Caylor(3) Cayner(3) Caynor(8) Cayton(3) Cazalet(1) Cesell(1) Chadwick(1) Chailland(2) Chambers(19) Champ(6) Champaigne(1) Champlin(1) Chandler(6) Chaney(1) Chapeton(1) Chapman(13) Chappel(1) Chappell(3) Charlington(1) Chartier(1) Chase(4) Chatfield(1) Chatto(1) Chavez(1) Cheatham(1) Chemo(2) Chene(1) Cheney(4) Chenoweth(4) Chenowith(1) Cherry(1) Cheshire(1) Chestnut(2) Cheuvront(1) Chewning(6) Chicrella(1) Chidester(4) Chiego(1) Chilcotte(1) Child(2) Childers(1) Childress(4) Childs(4) Chiles(1) Chipps(1) Chittum(3) Choate(2) Chow(1) Chrislip(1) Chrisman(2) Christensen(3) Christian(2) Christopher(16) Christy(3) Chunowitz(1) Church(9) Chute(9) Cimino(3) Clagett(1) Clark(157) Clarke(4) Clasen(1) Claunch(3) Clay(2) Claybourne(1) Claypole(1) Clayton(1) Clear(1) Cleavenger(2) Cleavland(1) Cleek(1) Clelland(6) Clem(7) Clements(1) Clemmer(1) Clendenen(1) Clendenin(1) Clendenning(1) Clendining(1) Clevenger(1) Clice(1) Cline(3) Close(3) Closser(4) Clough(1) Cloughton(1) Clouser(1) Clugston(1) Clulo(2) Cluts(1) Cobb(5) Coberly(1) Cobun(22) Coburn(3) Coby(1) Cochran(19) Coclough(3) Coddington(8) Codington(1) Codwell(1) Cody(2) Coe(2) Coen(1) Coffield(2) Coffin(2) Coffman(1) Cogan(1) Cogar(13) Coghlan(1) Cohee(1) Cohen(1) Coil(2) Colbert(1) Colburn(1) Colby(2) Coldren(1) Cole(10) Coleman(13) Colerider(1) Colfer(1) Colgan(1) Collett(3) Colley(1) Collier(6) Collilns(2) Collins(36) Coltar(1) Colville(1) Comb(1) Combs(48) Comer(2) Comp(4) Conard(1) Condriet(1) Cone(2) Conley(17) Conn(1) Connell(1) Conner(71) Connet(3) Connor(2) Conover(2) Conrad(7) Contriet(1) Conway(7) Cook(20) Cookman(1) Cookson(2) Cool(5) Coombs(1) Coontz(2) Coony(1) Cooper(11) Copeland(2) Copen(6) Copler(1) Copley(2) Coplin(3) Corathers(36) Corbin(2) Corder(2) Cordts(1) Cork(1) Corkean(1) Corliss(3) Cornacchini(1) Cornell(1) Cornellis(1) Cornett(2) Cornish(1) Corothers(2) Corphans(1) Cosco(1) Cosgrove(1) Cosner(3) Costellow(1) Coster(2) Cotto(1) Cotton(5) Cottrell(2) Cottrill(2) Couch(1) Coulson(1) Coulter(5) Courtney(8) Coutermarsh(2) Couture(3) Cover(1) Covey(1) Covino(1) Cowan(2) Cowgar(2) Cox(27) Coy(1) Crabb(1) Craig(2) Cramer(3) Crane(3) Crater(2) Craun(2) Craven(22) Crawford(10) Cray(1) Creamer(9) Creek(1) Creese(1) Crennin(4) Cress(2) Creswell(1) Cricks(1) Crider(1) Crigler(2) Crim(5) Crislip(2) Criss(5) Crist(2) Critchfield(2) Crites(30) Crocker(2) Cronin(3) Crook(1) Cropp(1) Crosby(1) Cross(12) Crossen(2) Crossland(2) Crossley(1) Crossman(1) Crouch(1) Croucher(1) Croushorn(1) Crow(2) Crowder(3) Crowe(1) Crowl(2) Crowley(1) Crowser(1) Cruciotti(1) Crum(2) Crummet(1) Crummett(4) Crusan(2) Crusana(1) Cumback(1) Cumberledge(2) Cumbridge(2) Cummings(3) Cummins(1) Cumston(1) Cunningham(31) Cupp(44) Cuppett(2) Currence(14) Currier(4) Curry(11) Curtain(1) Curtis(14) Cushers(2) Cushing(4) Cushman(1) Custer(3) Cutler(1) Cutlip (Ohio Pioneer)(1) Cutlip(60) Cutright(306) Cutright-Maher(1) Cutt(4) Cutts(4) Cyr(2)
D'Aiuto(11) D'Avito(1) Dagenhardt(1) Dagon(3) Dailey(2) Dainto(2) Daley(1) Dalley(1) Dalton(3) Daly(1) Dameron(1) Dameter(1) Dammann(1) Damron(5) Danby(1) Dancy(1) Danford(22) Danforth(95) Daniel(2) Daniels(3) Danielson(3) Danley(2) Darlington(10) Daugherty(8) Daughtery(1) Davenport(8) Davice (Davis)(1) Davicino(1) David(4) Davidson(9) Davies(2) Davis(59) Dawe(1) Dawen(2) Dawson(20) Day(19) de Bruyn(1) De Duyster(1) De Haven(1) De Moss(2) de Temple(18) Deacon(1) Deakins(1) Deal(11) Dean(95) Dear(2) Deatrick(4) Deats(1) Deaven(2) Debarr/DeBarr(34) DeBerry/Deberry(60) DeBoths(1) DeCasto(1) Dechant(14) Deck(1) Decker(5) Deeds(1) Deems(1) Deen(8) Deets(1) Deffner(3) Defibaugh(1) DeFrees(2) Defriese(1) Dehart(1) DeHaven(1) Deitrick(1) Deitz (Teats or Teats - Teets)(1) Deitz(19) DeJarnette(1) DeJournett(2) Delaney(1) Delano(1) DeLauder(2) Delawder(2) Dellenback(1) Dellinger(5) Dellisanti(1) DeLong(1) Delp(1) Demastus(1) DeMeester(3) Demmitt(1) Demoss/DeMoss(7) Denison(5) Denning(6) Dennis(25) Dent(2) Denyse(1) DePoy/Depoy(7) DeQuasie(1) Derby(1) Derosier(1) Derossitt(1) Derrick(3) Derry(3) Deschene(1) Detamore(2) Detirck(1) Detrich(2) Detrick(10) Detrict(1) Detwieler(1) Devall(4) DeVault(10) Dever(3) Devers(1) Devlin(6) DeWitt/Dewitt(19) Deyender(1) Diamond(5) Dias(1) Dicamillo(1) Dice(1) Dichiera(1) Dick(6) Dickerson(11) Dickson(1) Diehl(3) Diehr(12) Diercks(1) Diether(1) Dietrich(3) Dietrick(2) Dietz(5) Digman(5) Digue(1) Dillard(1) Dilley(5) Dillinger(8) Dillon(9) Dillow(1) Dills(1) Dilmore(1) Dils(1) Dilsworth(1) Dinkel(13) Dinsmore(1) Disque(4) Ditmars(5) Ditmore(1) Divers(1) Dix(29) Dixon(5) Dizig(1) Doak(5) Doan(2) Dobbins(2) Dobronsky(1) Dobry(1) Doby(3) Dodd(9) Dodge(36) Dodrill(1) Doefler(2) Doerfler(5) Doggett(1) Doherty(4) Dolan(3) Dome(2) Domers(1) Dominguey(1) Dominish(1) Donaldson(1) Donges(1) Donham(1) Doniel(1) Donley(1) Donnell(3) Donnelly(1) Donovan(1) Dooley(1) Dooms(1) Doran(1) Dority(1) Dorman(3) Dormeyer(1) Dorsett(1) Dorsey(7) Doss(1) Doty(16) Dougherty(2) Douglas(14) Douglass(4) Dove(15) Dovie(1) Dow(2) Dowe(1) Dowell(12) Downer(1) Downing(10) Doyle(10) Doyon(1) Dozier(1) Drabeck(1) Dragoo(2) Dragovich(2) Drake(4) Draper(2) Dreher(12) Dreibelbis(2) Dreiling(4) Drent(1) Dressel(1) Drew(4) Drewyer(2) Driscoll(1) Driver(1) Drumhellere(1) Drury(2) Drushel(1) Dryhurst(1) du Chastel de Blangerval(1) Dube(2) Ducatt(1) Ducet(2) Duckworth(1) Ducott(1) Duerr(8) Duessal(1) Duff(7) Duffy(3) Dugan(3) Dugar(2) Duggan(1) Duggar(1) Duke(2) Dull(4) Dumire(4) Dummers(1) Dunahoo(1) Dunbar(14) Duncan(7) Duncombe(1) Dunham(3) Dunkerly(1) Dunlap(3) Dunn(10) Dunne(1) Dunnie(1) Dunning(2) Dunningham(5) Dunnington(4) Dunson(2) Dupuis(1) Duquett(2) Duquette(2) Duren(1) Durland(1) Durn(1) Durr(1) Durst(1) Dutrisac(1) Duvall(5) Dwyer(1) Dyche(2) Dye(1) Dyer(3) Dykens(1) Dzal(1)
Eads(3) Eaglan(3) Eagle(8) Eakle(4) Earhart(5) Early(4) Earnest(2) Eary(2) Easland(1) Easterday(1) Eastman(1) Eaton(25) Eavey(1) Ebbet(1) Ebbett(2) Ebbs(1) Eberbach(2) Eberle(1) Eckard(2) Eckert(2) Eddy(3) Eden(3) Edes(1) Edgar(5) Edge(1) Edgell(2) Edgington(4) Edmond(2) Edmonds(1) Edwards(20) Egidi(2) Ehrenburg(1) Eichenmuller(2) Eilar(1) Eishelman(1) Ekert(1) Elam(3) Elbon(8) Elder(2) Eldridge(1) Elgin(1) Eliason(1) Eliot(1) Ellerton(3) Ellifritz(1) Ellington(1) Elliot(8) Elliott(6) Ellis(6) Ellsworth(1) Elston(1) Elswick(1) Elza(1) Elzey(1) Emerson(23) Emery(2) Emig(1) Emigh(1) Emsweiller(1) Endres(1) Endsley(3) Engel(15) England(41) Engle(2) Englert(1) Engsley(2) Enlow(1) Enslinger(1) Ensor(1) Entler(1) Epley(1) Epperson(1) Erickson(6) Ernst(2) Ervin(8) Ervine(4) Eschbacer(1) Eschman(1) Eseland(1) Eshbaugh(2) Eshleman(1) Eskew(56) Esland(5) Esmoil(8) Esson(1) Estep(7) Esterline(1) Estes(4) Etzweiler(1) Evans(47) Eveleth(2) Everett(31) Everhart(5) Everly(7) Eversole(1) Everson(2) Evick(1) Eye(2)
Faber(1) Fackler(2) Fadeley(1) Fahrney(1) Fair(1) Fairall(1) Fairchild(2) Faley(1) Falkenstine(1) Falkowska(1) Fallen(1) Fallows(1) Fannan(5) Fansler(3) Fargo(1) Faris(2) Farkas(1) Farley(11) Farnsworth(15) Farrabee(1) Farrar(4) Farrer(1) Farris(4) Fast(11) Fauvie(1) Faw(2) Fazio(2) Fearer(7) Fearn(1) Feather(17) Feathers(9) Feats(1) Feigh(1) Feik(12) Feller(1) Fellows(9) Felmly(2) Felt(1) Felten(1) Felver(1) Fenton(1) Ferguson(5) Fernald(3) Ferrall(1) Ferrebee(10) Ferrell(10) Ferro(1) Ferry(1) Ferryman(1) Fester(2) Fetterhoff(1) Fetty(11) Feuerbach(1) Fey(1) Fickett(2) Fickey(5) Fiddler(3) Fidler(6) Field(1) Fields(10) Fiery(4) Fiffle(1) Fifield(1) Fike(50) Fillmore(1) Finch(7) Fincham(2) Finchear(1) Findley(1) Fink(3) Finley(6) Finney(1) Finson(3) Finton(1) Firestone(1) Fischer(2) Fiser(2) Fish(4) Fishel(1) Fisher(12) Fitts(1) Fitzgerald(14) Fitzgivens(1) Fitzwater(4) Fix(1) Fizer(5) Flaherty(1) Flanagan(2) Flegle(1) Fleischer(1) Fleming(2) Flemming(4) Flesher(3) Fletcher(15) Flick(1) Flickinger(5) Flinn(2) Flint(1) Flohr(1) Flora(1) Flowers(1) Floyd(6) Flueckinger(5) Fluharty(2) Flynn(4) Fogg(3) Fogle(4) Foiltz(1) Foley(3) Folk(1) Follansbee(3) Foltz(10) Foor(2) Foose(2) Foote(2) Force(2) Forcum(1) Ford(5) Forest(2) Forinash(6) Forman(3) Fornash(1) Fortney(18) Fortunato(4) Fosselman(1) Foster(34) Foust(1) Fowkes(2) Fowler(13) Fox(26) Foy(36) Foyer(1) Frame(2) Francis(16) Franczyk(1) Frank(3) Frankenberry(1) Frankenborg(1) Frankenfield(1) Frankhouser(2) Franklin(1) Frantz(1) Fraser(2) Frashure(2) Fravel(4) Fravill(3) Frazee(22) Frazer(1) Frazier(2) Frederick(1) Fredlock(1) Freed(2) Freel(2) Freeland(23) Freeman(13) French(3) Frendburg(1) Fresh(5) Freshcorn(1) Fretwell(1) Fretz(4) Frey(2) Fridley(3) Friel(18) Friend(59) Fries(2) Frifogle(1) Fromhart(1) Fromm(1) Fronsman(5) Fronsman/Lowe(3) Fross(19) Frost(7) Frum(6) Fry(15) Frye(7) Fuchs(1) Fulk(8) Fuller(13) Fullerton(3) Fullmer(1) Fultz(3) Funk(24) Funkhouser(6) Furguson(3) Furie(1) Furman(2) Furnace(1) Furness(1) Furr(10) Fuschain(2) Fyke(1)
Gabel(2) Gable(1) Gadd(2) Gadds(1) Gadsby(1) Gahring(2) Gain(2) Gainer(4) Gaines(2) Gakin(3) Galambus(2) Galbreath(4) Galford(21) Gallagher(5) Gallego(1) Galley(1) Gallo(1) Gallup(2) Galton(1) Gamber(8) Gamble(2) Gambone(1) Gammey(1) Gammon(2) Gandville(1) Gannon(2) Garcarski(1) Garcia(1) Gardiner(2) Gardner(10) Gardson(2) Garlitz(2) Garlow(4) Garmon(1) Garner(5) Garrett(9) Garrick(4) Garringer(1) Garrish(1) Garrison(4) Garstka(1) Gartin(3) Garton(9) Garvin(3) Garwood(1) Gary(2) Gasaway(1) Gaskill(22) Gaskins(5) Gast(3) Gaston(10) Gates(2) Gatson(1) Gaudet(1) Gault(2) Gaunt(3) Gay(2) Gaylor(1) Gear(3) Gearhart(45) Gebhart(1) Gee(2) Geer(6) Geesaman(74) Geible(1) Geiger(6) Geil(1) Geister(15) Gelano(1) Gellman(3) Gemmill(1) Genereaux(1) Generecuix(1) Gent(2) George(21) Georgino(1) Gerard(1) Gerber(1) Gerrard(1) Gerrish(11) Gessel(1) Ghilani(1) Giannini(2) Giansante(1) Gibbons(2) Gibbs(1) Gibson(56) Giddings(1) Gidney(1) Giebel(2) Giebler(1) Giffin(1) Gilbert(12) Gilcrease(1) Giles(1) Gilespie(1) Gilford(1) Gilkey(1) Gillespie(8) Gillett(2) Gillispie(6) Gillum(2) Gionfriddo(1) Gipson(1) Girdish(1) Girvin(1) Gispanski(3) Given(17) Gizowski(3) Gladfelter(6) Gladstein(1) Gladwell(1) Glaser(1) Glaspia(1) Glass(4) Glazier(1) Gleason(1) Glendenning(1) Glenn(3) Glick(1) Glines(3) Glisan(1) Glotfelty(2) Glover(38) Godard(1) Godfrey(2) Godlove(3) Goebel(1) Goehringer(1) Goesh(1) Goetz(27) Goff(5) Gokey(1) Golby(1) Golden(6) Goldsmith(3) Golino(1) Golz(1) Gomolek(1) Gonder(1) Gooch(2) Gooden(6) Gooding(14) Goodling(2) Goodman(1) Goodnight(2) Goodnow(2) Goodwill(1) Goodwin(21) Goody(3) Gookin(1) Goolsby(3) Gooslin(1) Gorby(1) Gordon(4) Gore(2) Gorely(1) Gorley(1) Gorrell(2) Gorsuch(4) Goshorn(1) Goss(2) Gossard(3) Gossett(2) Gostwick(1) Gott(1) Gottschalk(6) Gottsleben(2) Gouchenour(1) Gough(2) Gould(14) Goulding(1) Gourley(1) Gower(17) Gowman(1) Graber(1) Grace(3) Grado(2) Grady(8) Graff(1) Graffaw(1) Graham(16) Grahm(2) Gramling(5) Grant(7) Graves(1) Gray (?)(1) Gray(11) Graybill(1) Grayley(3) Grayson(2) Greathouse(9) Green(27) Greenburg(1) Greene(1) Greenland(1) Greenlaw(1) Greeno(22) Greenwood(1) Greggory(1) Gregory(12) Greise(1) Greynolds(1) Gribble(2) Grieser(1) Griffan(1) Griffey(1) Griffin(6) Griffin?(1) Griffith(18) Griffon(3) Griggs(2) Grim(2) Grimes(11) Grimm(15) Grindle(1) Grinell(2) Grittith(1) Grocher(1) Groff(1) Grogg(22) Groover(10) Grose(1) Gross(26) Grosser(1) Groushorn(1) Groux(1) Grove(1) Grover(5) Groves(35) Grubb(30) Grubbs(3) Gruber(2) Gruver(4) Guffy(1) Gulick(1) Gulley(1) Gum(44) Gump(2) Gunter(1) Guseman(1) Guthrie(13) Guzman(2) Gwin(1) Gwinn(5) Gyllian(1) Gypin(3)
Haag(1) Haas(13) Habeck(1) Haberman(6) Hacker(10) Hackett(3) Hackney(1) Haddix(4) Haga(1) Hager(5) Hagey(2) Haggerty(43) Hagist(4) Hahn(2) Hajic(4) Halbritter(2) Hale(4) Haley(4) Hall(59) Hallett(1) Halloran(4) Halsey(6) Halterman(6) Halvorsen(1) Hamblin(1) Hamilton(41) Hamlin(1) Hamman(1) Hammann(1) Hammell(5) Hammersmith(1) Hammon(5) Hammond(4) Hammons(3) Hamner(13) Hamor(10) Hamric(1) Hamrick(9) Hanbeck(1) Hancock(3) Hanenfeld(1) Haney(1) Hanifan(5) Hanifin(1) Hankins(1) Hanley(1) Hanline(4) Hanlon(2) Hanna(12) Hannaford(1) Hannah(4) Hannon(1) Hanscom(2) Hansen(2) Hanson(1) Harbaugh(2) Harberger(1) Harbert(5) Harbison(2) Harcleroad(9) Harclerode(89) Harden(1) Hardesty(26) Hardin(3) Harding(1) Hardman(6) Hardway(2) Hare(1) Hargrove(4) Harlen(1) Harlow(2) Harman(2) Harmer(1) Harmison(1) Harmon(6) Harmtje(1) Harned(10) Harner(4) Haroff(2) Harold(2) Harp(1) Harper(36) Harr(1) Harrah(1) Harrington(4) Harris(80) Harrison(11) Harrower(1) Harsh(3) Harshbarger(2) Harshfield(1) Hart(21) Hartely/Weekley(1) Harter(2) Hartin(2) Hartley(32) Hartman(40) Hartstien(5) Hartstine(1) Hartzell(2) Harvey(9) Haselberger(1) Hasenauer(1) Hash(2) Haskell(13) Haskett(4) Haskins(3) Hasman(1) Hassey(1) Hastings(1) Hatfield(1) Hathaway(5) Hatherall(1) Hatten(1) Hatton(1) Hatzenton(1) Haught(1) Hauhlanger(1) Haun(2) Haupt(4) Hauser(18) Havey(1) Hawes(1) Hawk(3) Hawkins(25) Hawley(1) Haworth(3) Hawse(2) Hay(1) Hayden(1) Hayes(19) Hayhurst(4) Haymond(6) Haynes(1) Hays(1) Hayward(1) Hayzlett(1) Hazlett(3) Head(2) Headlee(1) Heald(1) Heater(1) Heath(2) Heatherly(1) Heaton(2) Heavner(5) Hecker(1) Hedrick(24) Heffernan(2) Hefner(8) Heft(1) Hege(1) Heil(1) Heilman(1) Heine(1) Heishman(7) Heitzel(1) Heldreth(1) Heldrith(1) Helfer(11) Hellman(5) Helm(2) Helmick(29) Helvey(1) Hempenstall(1) Hemphill(3) Hendershot(3) Henderson(7) Hendricks(1) Hendrickson(1) Hendrix(1) Henley(3) Henline(6) Hennan(1) Hennen(3) Hennessy(1) Hennon(1) Henry(8) Hensely(1) Henshaw(1) Hensley(2) Hensman(1) Henson(7) Hepworth(1) Herbold(4) Herchelroth(8) Herl(1) Herman(1) Herndon(1) Herrgeroder(7) Herrick(2) Herring(8) Herrman(2) Herron(2) Hershberger(1) Hertel(24) Herzog(1) Hess(69) Hetrick(9) Heuser(1) Heussner(2) Hevener(1) Hevner(1) Hewes(1) Hewitt(4) Hibbard(1) Hibbs(9) Hickman(4) Hickox(1) Hicks(1) Hieman(1) Higginbotham(8) Higgins(11) Hight(2) Hildebrand(2) Hildebrandt(2) Hildebrant(1) Hilderbrand(3) Hileman(14) Hilkey(2) Hill(22) Hillen(1) Hillin(1) Hillman(1) Hillwig(1) Hiltenberger(1) Himes(7) Hinchman(2) Hinebaugh(11) Hineman(2) Hiner(13) Hines(4) Hinezman(1) Hinkle(50) Hinton(1) Hinzeman(4) Hinzman(13) Hipp(1) Hipple(1) Hirschler(3) Hise(1) Hitt(3) Hixon(3) Hoag(2) Hobday(2) Hobo(1) Hochard(1) Hockenberry(3) Hockenbury(1) Hodge(5) Hodges(1) Hodgkiss(1) Hodgson(2) Hodson(3) Hoel(2) Hoerchel Radt(1) Hoestine(1) Hoff(1) Hoffman(37) Hoffmann(2) Hoffrichter(1) Hoffriechter(1) Hogue(7) Holbert(2) Holcomb(2) Holden(2) Holland(9) Hollar(1) Hollen(146) Holliday(1) Hollie(1) Holligoss(1) Hollin(1) Holman(1) Holmes(10) Holsopple(1) Holt(8) Holycross(1) Holzbeierlein(1) Homer(1) Honaker(3) Honeman(1) Honeyman(2) Honts(1) Hood(2) Hoogteeling(1) Hook(2) Hooker(7) Hooper(3) Hoopes(1) Hoover(18) Hopkins(5) Hopper(1) Hopwood(1) Horn(2) Hornbeck(38) Horne(1) Horner(4) Hornick(3) Horseflip(1) Horseflock(1) Horsey(3) Horst(4) Hosaflook(23) Hoskinson(6) Hosmer(11) Hostetler(1) Hostetter(4) Hotsifeller(1) Houchin(6) Houghton(4) House(7) Householder(1) Houser(7) Housington(1) Houston(1) Howard(9) Howe(1) Howell(16) Howels(1) Howes(9) Howie(1) Howlett(1) Hox(1) Hoxey(1) Hoxie(1) Hoye(6) Hruska(1) Hubbard(2) Hubbell(1) Hubble(1) Huber(1) Huckleberry(1) Huddleston(2) Hudkins(1) Hudnall(1) Hudson(3) Huerta(1) Huffman(17) Hughes(120) Hughey(1) Hughs(1) Hughson(1) Huke(1) Hulbert(15) Hulett(1) Hulick(3) Huling(3) Hull(8) Hulver(14) Humberson(2) Humbertson(1) Hummel(1) Humphrey(5) Humphreys(4) Humphries(1) Hunsaker(1) Hunt(14) Hunter(9) Hupp(1) Hurd(6) Hurst(5) Huston(1) Hutchingson(2) Hutchinson(6) Hutson(1) Hutt(3) Hutton(8) Hutzel(1) Hyatt(7) Hyde(1) Hyden(2) Hyleman(2) Hymer(19) Hyre(15) Hyslip(1) Hyson(1)
Ice(1) Iden(2) Iffland(2) Imes(1) Imhoff(1) Imler(7) Ingram(4) Inks(1) Insani(2) Inzerillo(2) Ireland(15) Ireta(1) Irons(2) Irvin(2) Irvine(3) Isaacson(2) Iser(1) Ison(3) Itinger(1)
Kadar(1) Kaeberlein(2) Kaider(1) Kail(1) Kaiser(1) Kamphuis(1) Karahoof(2) Karickhoff(5) Karickoff(1) Karlen(1) Karmer(1) Karnis(2) Kasten(8) Kastovich(1) Kay(1) Kearns(3) Keating(1) Keeler(1) Keen(1) Keenan(4) Keene(5) Keener(9) Keeney(2) Kees(1) Keffer(1) Kehoe(1) Keisling(1) Keister(1) Keith(3) Keithly(1) Kelch(2) Kelleher(1) Kellenberger(1) Keller(22) Kelley(31) Kellin(1) Kellison(2) Kelly(43) Kelsey(1) Kelso(1) Kemp(2) Kemper(1) Kempton(1) Kenan(1) Kendall(18) Kennard(1) Kennedy(10) Kenner(1) Kenney(1) Kenning(5) Kennison(1) Kenny(1) Kent(3) Keplinger(1) Kepple(5) Kerans(1) Kerby(1) Kerling(3) Kern(2) Kerns(1) Kerr(2) Kerschner(1) Kerthner(1) Kesling(8) Kessell(2) Kessler(6) Kestler(1) Ketterer(1) Ketterman(5) Keyser(1) Kibler(1) Kickley(1) Kidd(2) Kidder(2) Kiddy(15) Kidwell(1) Kiefaber(1) Kiesow(3) Kiger(1) Kight(1) Kile(1) Kilfian(1) Kilgore(3) Killin(2) Killon(1) Killoran(2) Kilts(1) Kimball(3) Kimberly(1) Kimble(15) Kimes(15) Kimports(4) Kincaid(39) KinderKnecht/Kinderknecht(3) Kinderknect(1) King(42) Kingen(1) Kingsbury(1) Kingsley(1) Kinnanan(1) Kinnear(1) Kinner(1) Kinser(1) Kinsinger(1) Kirby(4) Kirk(10) Kirkpatrick(5) Kisamore(2) Kiser(1) Kisner(6) Kissinger(2) Kist(1) Kittle(10) Klara(1) Klatt(1) Klaus(2) Kless(1) Kline(2) Klingensmith(1) Klitch(1) Klosterboer(3) Klundt(1) Knaggs(2) Knapp(4) Kniceley(1) Knicely(1) Knight(13) Knoch(1) Knoke(4) Knoll(1) Knotts(4) Knowles(5) Knowlton(3) Knox(11) Knutson(1) Koch(1) Kocotowicz(1) Kohli(1) Kohn(3) Kohne(80) Koldys(1) Kole(2) Kontak(1) Koon(3) Koontz(10) Koppers(5) Koppitz(2) Korbe(11) Korbin(1) Korell(3) Korte(1) Kortregt(21) Kortryk(1) Kostelnik(1) Kovacich(1) Kovaleski(1) Krall(1) Kramer(5) Krauss(2) Kreiger(8) Kressly(1) Kriner(1) Kroft(1) Kronewitter(1) Kronnewitter(2) Kruczynski(1) Kubiet(2) Kuhl(1) Kuhn(16) Kukachka(3) Kulp(1) Kunic(1) Kuntz(1) Kyle(2)
Lackey(1) Lacks(1) LaClair(1) Lacombe(2) Lacova(1) Lafey(3) LaFollette(1) Lake(4) Lamb(7) Lambert(17) Lance(14) Land(1) Landacre(2) Landis(3) Lands(1) Lane(16) Lang(1) Langacre(2) Langeluttig(5) Langford(3) Lanham(26) Lankton(5) Lansbury(1) Lantz(141) Lapham(1) Laramey(1) Larivee(2) Larkin(8) Larose(1) Larrabee(4) Larry(1) Larsen(1) Larson(1) Lartigue(2) Lash(1) Laten(1) Latham(1) Latim(1) Latimer(6) LaTour(1) Laub(4) Lauck(1) Laughery(3) Laughlin(1) Laughly(1) Laughman(4) Laurence(2) Laurenzi(1) Lavorci(1) Law(5) Laworentz(1) Lawrence(7) Lawson(10) Lawyer(1) Lay(1) Layfield(67) Layman(3) Laymon(3) Layne(1) Layton(3) LaZountain(1) Le Blanc(1) Leach(3) Lear(3) Leary(6) Lease(1) Leatherman(2) Leavins(1) Ledwell(3) Lee(24) LeFever(1) Legere(1) Legg(1) Legleiter(1) Leho(1) Leigh(16) Leighton(2) Leiker(49) Leikham(1) Leister(11) Leland(5) Lemaster(8) Lemley(1) Lemmon(10) Lemmons(1) Lemon(2) Lemons(11) Lenfestey(1) Lenon(1) Leombruno(3) Leonard(3) Leopold(1) Leppard(2) Lepper(1) Lesenger(1) Lessure(1) Lester(1) Lesure(1) Leter(1) Lett(1) Letts(2) Leva(1) Lewis(103) Lewis-Fullmer(1) Leyman(1) Libby(1) Life(1) Liggett(18) Light(5) Lightner(1) Liker(1) Lilly(1) Limbers(1) Lincoln(5) Lindabury(1) Linderman(1) Lindquest(1) Lindsay(3) Lindsey(3) Linegar(1) Linfield(1) Linger(19) Linigar(1) Lininger(1) Link(3) Linnaberry(1) Lipscomb(18) Liptrott(1) Liskey(16) Liston(13) Littell(1) Little(5) Littleton(1) Lively(1) Livesay(3) Livingston(2) Lloyd(12) Lobdell(2) Lochery(1) Lockard(1) Lockhart(5) Lockridge(2) Lofstrom(1) Logsdon(1) Lohr(2) Lomsor(3) Long(57) Longacre(2) Longwell(1) Lonks(1) Lopatosky(1) Lopez(3) Loraw(16) Lord(1) Lorentz(205) Lorow(1) Loudin(29) Lough(8) Loughery(1) Loughry(2) Louhan(2) Louk(1) Love(8) Loverine(1) Loving(3) Lowdermilk(2) Lowe(243) Lowe/Fronsman(1) Lower(3) Loy(2) Luama(1) Lucas(12) Luce(7) Ludeke(1) Ludt(1) Ludwick(2) Ludwig(3) Lufkin(13) Lugdwig(1) Luke(6) Lund(4) Lundy(1) Lunsden(1) Lurvey(5) Luth(1) Lutz(2) Luzader(5) Lyke(2) Lyle(1) Lynch(10) Lyon(2) Lyons(3) Lytle(1)
Mabry(2) Macalmar(2) MacDonald(1) Mace(1) Macey(1) MacIntosh(1) Mack(6) Mackey(10) MacMichael(1) Macomber(1) MacTaggart(1) Madden(1) Mader(1) Madison(5) Mafield(1) Magana(1) Magrow(1) Mahaffey(2) Mahan(1) Maher(7) Maki(1) Malcolm(3) Mallett(2) Malloy(2) Malone(5) Maloney(1) Mammoliti(2) Mandels(2) Manear(2) Manges(9) Mangold(1) Mankis(8) Manley(19) Manly(1) Mann(4) Manse(1) Mansfield(3) Manzo(3) Maple(1) Marchiney(3) Marci(3) Marcoux(1) Marden(1) Marelli(1) Margraf(1) Mark(2) Markeley(1) Markgraf(4) Markie(1) Markiewicz(1) Markley(9) Marla(1) Marler(3) Marley(1) Marlow(1) Marple(1) Marquis(3) Marr(1) Marra(1) Marriner(2) Marriott(1) Marrufo(1) Marsden(1) Marsh(11) Marshal(1) Marshall(10) Marston(5) Marteney(4) Martens(1) Marteny(2) Martin(68) Martins-Barbosa(1) Marullo(1) Marvin(1) Masemer(5) Mason(11) Mast(1) Masters(1) Matassa(1) Matheny(19) Mathers(1) Mathesius(1) Mathew(2) Mathews(10) Mathias(2) Matlick(3) Mattes(6) Matteson(2) Matthews(57) Matthias(1) Matzus(1) Mauck(2) Mauk(1) Maupin(6) Maust(6) Mawyer(1) Maxon(2) Maxson(3) Maxwell(4) May(19) Maye(2) Mayer(1) Mayhew(1) Mayle(1) Maynard(2) Mayo(22) Mays(13) Maze(7) Mazka(1) Mazur(4) Mazza(6) Mazzei(1) McAdams(1) McAvoy(1) McBride(3) McBroom(1) McCabe(5) McCain(7) McCall(1) McCampbell(1) McCanick(1) McCann(2) McCanna(1) McCardle(1) McCarthey(1) McCarthy(1) McCartney(29) McCarty(1) McCatharn(1) McCauley(16) McClain(10) McClanahan(2) McClead(1) McClean(1) McCleary(1) McClelland(3) McCloud(2) McClung(6) McClure(2) McColley(1) McConkey(1) McConnaha(1) McCord(11) McCorkle(2) McCormack(2) McCormick/Mccormick(6) McCourt(2) McCoy(9) McCray(12) McCreary(9) Mccreery(1) McCrum(34) McCrumb(1) McCue(3) McCulley(2) McCullough(3) McCully(1) McCummins(1) McCurdy(2) McCutcheon(2) McDade(1) McDaniel(9) McDaniels(1) McDavit(1) McDavitt(2) McDebit(1) McDermott(4) McDevit(1) McDonald(5) Mcdonnell(1) McDougald(2) McDowell(1) McElroy(3) McElvaine(1) McElwee(3) McEvoy(1) McEwen(1) McFadden(6) McFarland(2) McGann(2) McGee(4) McGehee(1) McGill(1) McGinnis(12) McGlaughlin(4) McGliney(1) McGonnell(1) McGraw(1) McGuffin(1) McGuire(4) McHenry(1) McHopkins(2) McIntire(2) McKay(1) McKean(4) McKeever(1) McKelvey(2) McKenna(2) McKinney(32) McKissic(3) McKnight(1) McKown(5) McKuin(1) McLain(3) McLane(1) McLaughlin(7) McLure(2) McMahon(3) McManigan(1) McManigle(2) McManus(1) McMeans(9) McMellon(1) McMichael(1) McMillan(6) McMillion(2) McMorris(1) McMorrow(1) McMullen(1) McMurphey(1) McMurray(2) McNair(1) McNamee(6) McNatt(1) McNear(2) McNemar(3) McNerlin(1) McNerney(1) McNinch(15) McNulty(3) McNutt(1) McPeak(2) McPherson(5) Mcpune(1) McQuain(3) McQuarry(1) McQuilkin(1) McRoy(2) McShinsky(1) McSterritt(1) McTurman(6) McVicher(2) McVickor(1) Mead(2) Meadows(4) Means(3) Mearl(1) Mearns(3) Meckley(1) Mecone(1) Meddaugh(2) Medsger(1) Meech(3) Meek(1) Meeker(7) Meeks(3) Meese(1) Meier(2) Melahan(2) Melick(1) Mellinger(1) Melton(161) Mencl(1) Mendenhall(1) Mendum(1) Menear(10) Menefee(2) Mercer(1) Merchant(10) Mergan(1) Meris(2) Mermis(6) Merrell(1) Merrill(15) Merritt(4) Merroto(1) Merschat(1) Mershon(1) Mersing(6) Messenger(7) Messinger(4) Messler(1) Metheny(33) Mettler(4) Metz(4) Metzger(1) Meyer(5) Meyers(14) Michael(5) Michael?(1) Michaels(8) Michener(1) Mick(19) Middleton(4) Mike(2) Mikes(4) Milbon(1) Mildred(1) Miles(60) Milkint(1) Miller(228) Millhouse(1) Milliken(2) Mills(11) Milne(6) Milner(2) Minardi(1) Mindler(1) Minear(1) Mines(1) Minnear(1) Minney(1) Minnich(2) Minor(18) Minteer(1) Minton(1) Misel(1) Mitchell(36) Mitter(1) Mizic(3) Moats(8) Mock(1) Moe(4) Moffett(1) Moher(1) Mohr(1) Moler(1) Moles(4) Mollohan(5) Molly(4) Molony(1) Monday(1) Mongold(6) Moniger(1) Moninger(1) Montague(5) Monteen(1) Montgomery(8) Montgomery?(1) Moody(12) Moon(5) Moor(6) Moore(44) Mooring(1) Morahan(1) Moran(15) More(1) Morehead(1) Morehouse(1) Moreno(1) Morey(1) Morford(3) Morgan(23) Morill(2) Morong(3) Morrel(1) Morrill(7) Morris(14) Morrison(10) Morrow(1) Morse(8) Mortenson(1) Morton(10) Moser(1) Mosley(1) Moss(13) Mosser(17) Mossholde(1) Mosteller(1) Motz(3) Moulton(3) Mounts(1) Mowers(1) Mowery(9) Mowrey(2) Mowry(2) Moyer(6) Moyers(23) Mueller(2) Mulaney(1) Mulholland(2) Mullaney(4) Mullany(5) Mullenax(3) Mullenix(3) Mullennax(1) Mullens(1) Muller(1) Mullin(1) Mullins(2) Mulliss(3) Mumbert(5) Mundell(2) Munsch(1) Muntzing(1) Murdock(2) Murfin(1) Murphey(1) Murphy(26) Murray(3) Murtada(1) Murtaugh(1) Musgrave(1) Musgrove(1) Mustain(4) Mutum(1) Myers(21) Myrick(2)
Nabors(5) Nadolski(1) Nair(1) Nalle(2) Nanley(1) Napier(16) Napoli(1) Narvid(1) Nash(1) Nay(1) Nazelrod(1) Neason(1) Nechtman(2) Neel(2) Neely(11) Neff(2) Neighbors(1) Nelly(1) Nelson(47) Nemecheck(3) Neptune(1) Nesbitt(3) Nesmith(2) Nestler(1) Nestor(3) Nethken(1) Nettleship(1) Neva(1) Neville(2) Newcomb(1) Newcome(3) Newell(3) Newhouse(4) Newlin(6) Newlon(2) Newton(3) Newton-Teets(1) Nice(1) Nicholas(5) Nichols(12) Nicholson(2) Nick(1) Nickell(1) Nicklin(1) Nicklow(14) Nickols(2) Nicola(7) Nielson(2) Nieman(1) Niles(11) Nine(4) Niner(11) Niven(1) Nixon(1) Noel(2) Nolan(1) Noland(1) Noll(1) Nordbeck(1) Norman(12) Norris(7) Northrup(1) Norton(2) Norveil(2) Norvell(7) Norviel(1) Norvil(2) Norwood(13) Nottingham(6) Novak(8) Nunn(4) Nuse(1) Nutt(4) Nutter(4) Nuzum(3) Nye(3)
Pace(1) Pacheco(1) Pack(4) Paesch(1) Page(13) Pahudkar(1) Paine(2) Paith(1) Palazzo(1) Palfrey(7) Palmer(6) Palmy(1) Pamplin(2) Pane(1) Panetta(2) Panther(1) Paone(4) Paquette(1) Pardini(5) Parish(2) Parker(11) Parkhurst(1) Parkins(1) Parks(14) Parmenter(1) Parmer(1) Parrett(1) Parrish(3) Parson(2) Parsons(38) Pasquale(1) Passmore(1) Pastorius(1) Patch(1) Pate(1) Paterson(1) Patrick(2) Patterson or Patteson(1) Patterson(7) Patton(1) Paugh(8) Paul(1) Paulin(1) Pausley(1) Pawluk(2) Payne(7) Paynter(1) Peach(2) Pearce(3) Pearsall(1) Pease(1) Peaslee(1) Peck(1) Pederson(2) Pegg(1) Pell(11) Pence(20) Penman(4) Penn(2) Pennell(1) Pennington(41) Pensel(1) Pepperell(1) Perkins(10) Perrin(1) Perrine(1) Perry(10) Persinger(3) Persons(1) Peterek(10) Peters(8) Peterson(20) Petrey(1) Petry(1) Petticord(1) Pettigrew(2) Pettingill(1) Petty(1) Pfannenstiel(24) Pfeifer(7) Pfeiffer(1) Pfifer(1) Pfouts(4) Pfromm(3) Phannenstiel(1) Phares(5) Philbrick(2) Philbrook(1) Philhower(17) Philippi(1) Philips(3) Phillian(1) Phillip(1) Phillips(107) Phillis(3) Phipps(7) Pickel(1) Pickerell(1) Pickering(8) Pickle(1) Pickrell(8) Picpkorn(1) Pierce(13) Pieren(1) Pierstorff(1) Pifer(3) Pigott(2) Pike(2) Pilcher(1) Piles(1) Ping(1) Pinnell(3) Piper(1) Pishner(1) Pitcher(1) Pitman(1) Pittinger(2) Pitts(1) Pitzer(13) Place(1) Plaggemeyer(2) Plaughter(1) Player(1) Plott(1) Plotts(1) Plum(2) Plumb(1) Plummer(1) Poe(2) Poff(1) Poindexter(1) Poinkelana(1) Poland(2) Polifka(10) Poling(11) Polito(1) Pollitt(1) Pomerleau(1) Ponton(10) Ponton?(1) Pool(1) Poole(3) Popovich(1) Porter(12) Posey(5) Post(23) Postlewait(5) Potter(5) Potts(8) Potwin(7) Pouder(32) Poulin(2) Pounds(1) Poundstone(1) Powder(4) Powell(31) Powers(8) Pratt(23) Prechtl(3) Prencik(1) Prescott(1) Pressey(2) Pressley(1) Pressley-Smith(1) Preston(2) Prett(2) Price(43) Prickett(2) Priddy(2) Pride(5) Prime(1) Pringle(61) Prinkey(2) Prior(1) Pritt(18) Proada(1) Probst(3) Proctor(4) Proffitt(1) Propst(1) Propts(1) Proudfoot(13) Provan(1) Provance(6) Provanchi(1) Provence(2) Province(2) Provost(14) Pruitt(1) Pryce(1) Prye(7) Puckett(1) Puffenbarger(31) Puffenberger(2) Puffenburger(3) Pugh(5) Pullen(1) Pulliam(2) Pullum(9) Pulver(2) Pumphrey(12) Purcell(5) Purcer(1) Purchase(4) Purdine(1) Putnam(2) Pyles(19)
Qualey(1) Queen(51) Queener(1) Quick(3) Quinby(9) Quinn(8) Quinter(1) Quirion(1) Quoyle(1)
Raber(2) Racey(2) Rackham(2) Radabaugh(21) Radabough(1) Radcliff(5) Radcliffe(3) Raddatz(3) Rader(8) Radford(2) Radichhal(1) Radtke(1) Ragasa(3) Rago(1) Raiden(2) Raikes(11) Raines(10) Rains(2) Rake(13) Ralph(1) Ramey(1) Ramsower(1) Rancourt(1) Randall(1) Randolph(1) Raney(1) Rasborough(7) Raskin(1) Ratcliff(2) Rathbone(1) Rathbun(4) Rathburn(5) Ratleff(2) Ratliff(1) Raven(2) Ray(12) Rayburn(1) Rayl(1) Rayman(2) Raymond(26) Raynes(1024) Rayon(1) Rea(1) Read(1) Reagan(1) Reams(1) Reaser(1) Reba(1) Reckard(4) Reckart(15) Record(3) Rector(5) Redmond(3) Reebe(1) Reece(2) Reed(99) Reeder(24) Reedy(3) Reel(1) Rees(1) Reese(22) Reese/Reece(2) Reeve(2) Reeve-Ward(1) Reeves(1) Reford(1) Reger(22) Register(1) Rehe(1) Reichert(1) Reichling(1) Reid(12) Reily(11) Reineke(1) Reins(1) Reish(1) Reisinger(1) Rembold(1) Reminschneider(1) Renaldi(1) Renner(6) Reno(1) Renotas(2) Renscoe/Renske(1) Renshaus(1) Rentzsch(1) Reppert(2) Resrode(9) Revercomb(1) Rexroad(63) Rexrode(9) Rey(1) Reynolds(20) Rhiley(17) Rhode(4) Rhodes(12) Rhynehart(1) Rice / Rish(1) Rice(10) Richard(1) Richards(12) Richardson(15) Richey(5) Richmond(27) Riddle(1) Ridenour(1) Rideout(1) Rider(1) Ridley(1) Riedel(3) Rife(1) Riffel(1) Riffey(2) Riffle(12) Riffy(4) Riggen(1) Riggleman(10) Riggs(4) Right(1) Riiley(1) Riley(28) Rillahan(1) Rillon(1) Rimel(4) Rimer(1) Rinehart(6) Ringer(6) Rinker(12) Rishel(2) Rishell(1) Risinger(1) Riskey(1) Risse(1) Ritchey(4) Ritchie(14) Ritschy(1) Rittenhouse(2) Ritter(2) Rix(2) Rizer(2) Roach(6) Roan(1) Robbins(8) Robe(1) Roberson(2) Roberts(17) Robertson(11) Robey(8) Robinson(65) Robison(4) Roby(10) Roche(36) Rochon(1) Rockvam(6) Rodehaver(2) Rodeheaver(52) Rodes(1) Rodger(1) Rodgers(2) Rodriguez(2) Roeder(2) Roge(1) Rogers(11) Rohlf(1) Rohlfing(2) Rohorbaugh(1) Rohr(42) Rohrbaugh(3) Rohrbough(20) Rohwatter(1) Rollins(45) Rollyson(2) Romesburg(4) Romine(2) Roomsburgh(1) Roos(1) Root(1) Rosberg(4) Rosborough(3) Rose(2) Roseborough(1) Rosekelly(3) RosemaN(1) Rosenkraus(1) Rosier(2) Ross(7) Rossiter(2) Rossitter(1) Roth(1) Rothwell(2) Rotruck(1) Roudebush(1) Rouse(1) Rout(1) Rowan(37) Rowand(4) Rowe(7) Rowell(1) Rowh(1) Rowland(5) Rowley(1) Roy(16) Royall(1) Royer(3) Rubin(1) Rubush(1) Ruby(1) Rucker(1) Ruckman(1) Ruddell(2) Ruder(2) Rudolph(1) Rudy(2) Ruk(1) Ruleman(1) Rumble(2) Runner(9) Rupert(1) Rupp(6) Rush(1) Rushford(3) Rushong (Rochon)(1) Rusinko(1) Rusnell(2) Russell(9) Ruth(7) Rutherford(4) Ruttencutter(2) Ryan(19) Rybicki(1) Ryder(3) Ryley(2) Rymer(1) Rynearson(1)
Sabo(1) Sadd(1) Safford(2) Sager(34) Sagger(10) Saia(1) Sain(1) Saint(1) Salamon(1) Sales(1) Salmon(1) Salmonson(1) Saltz(1) Salus(2) Salvatore(3) Salzbrun(1) Sample(1) Samples(3) Sampson(2) Samsin(1) Samson(2) Sander(1) Sanders(18) Sanderson(4) Sandridge(1) Sandstrom(2) Sandy(13) Santa(1) Sapp(11) Sargent(4) Sartwell(2) Sarver(1) Sater(1) Sattazahn(1) Satterfield(17) Sauer(1) Sauers(2) Saul(4) Saunders(6) Savage(16) Saville(2) Sawyer(3) Sawyers(3) Saxman(1) Sayer(1) Sayers(4) Sayre(31) Scammon(1) Scarpa(1) Schaffer(3) Schatz(1) Schayes(1) Scheidemantle(5) Schell(1) Schelling(3) Schempp(4) Schenk(2) Schirm(1) Schlereth(2) Schlossnagle(1) Schmalz(1) Schmaus(1) Schmehl(2) Schmidkofner(1) Schmidt(9) Schmidtberger(1) Schmilke(4) Schmitt(2) Schneider(1) Schnekenburger(1) Schockey(2) Schoenfield(2) Schollmeyer(2) Schomer(1) Schonenberg(3) Schoolcraft(1) Schools(1) Schoonover(4) Schoritch(1) Schraan(1) Schreibvogel(1) Schreiner(13) Schroeder(4) Schroyer(14) Schuck(2) Schull(2) Schultz(6) Schumacher(13) Schuman(2) Schuppler(1) Schurka(1) Schuyler(2) Schwartz(1) Schwarz(1) Schwarze(1) Schwarzenberger(1) Schyler(1) Sclesky(6) Scott(30) Scroggins(2) Scruggs(3) Scudder(2) Seaborn(1) Seager(1) Seaman(1) Searls(1) Sears(2) Seaton(1) Sebring(6) Seder(1) See(34) Seelar(1) Seeliger(1) Seese(7) Seibert(2) Seifert(4) Seitze(1) Selders(2) Self(1) Sellers(2) Selover(1) Selvia(1) Semok(1) Seredich(1) Sereno(2) Sergent(1) Settle(9) Severe(4) Sewall(2) Sexton(7) Seybert(1) Shackelford(3) Shackleford(1) Shaffer (sp)(1) Shaffer(17) Shahan(18) Shank(1) Shapiro(1) Sharetts(1) Sharf(1) Sharon(2) Sharp(34) Sharpe(2) Sharpley Koppe(1) Sharps(2) Shaver(2) Shaw(16) Shay(1) Shea(1) Sheafe(2) Sheahan(1) Sheats(1) Sheets(11) Sheffer(10) Sheicke(1) Sheldon(2) Shell(1) Shepard(3) Shepherd(2) Sheppard(4) Sherman(8) Sherrill(2) Sherry(5) Sherwalter(1) Shever(1) Shieke(1) Shields(5) Shiffbauer(1) Shifflet(4) Shifflett(2) Shiflet(2) Shimeck(1) Shinaberry(8) Shindel(2) Shingler(2) Shingleton(2) Shinn(2) Shipe(2) Shipley(4) Shipman(33) Shippee(1) Shircliff(3) Shireman(1) Shirey(2) Shirk(4) Shirley(4) Shirrell(1) Shively(3) Shoaf(1) Shock(1) Shockey(3) Shoe(1) Shoemaker(4) Shokey(1) Shomo(11) Shonkwiler(1) Shook(4) Shope(2) Short(2) Shoul(1) Shoulders(4) Show(1) Showalter(23) Shrader(11) Shrant(1) Shreve(33) Shreves(2) Shrewsbury(1) Shriver(1) Shrock(1) Shrout(21) Shueler(2) Shuey(1) Shull(1) Shultz(2) Shupe(2) Shupert(4) Shuster(1) Shuttlesworth(2) Shuttleworth(1) Shutts(1) Sibert(2) Sidwell(2) Sieb(1) Siebel(9) Siebert(4) Siehl(1) Siemens(1) Sier(1) Sigmon(4) Sikes(2) Silbaugh(36) Silbough(2) Siliker(2) Silman(4) Silva(2) Silvi(17) Silvious(1) Simbra(1) Siminski(2) Simmers(1) Simmons(53) Simms(3) Simon(40) Simons(70) Simonton(1) Simpson(17) Sims(10) Sinclair(2) Sine(4) Sines(23) Singer(5) Singleton(4) Sinicky(1) Sinsel(1) Sipes(1) Siron(3) Sisler(51) Sites(2) Sizemore(1) Skaggs(7) Skidmore(15) Skillman(1) Skinner(7) Slack(2) Slagle(1) Slagowski(1) Slater(7) Slaubauch(1) Slaubaugh(1) Slaughter(2) Slayton(2) Sleboda(1) Sledge(1) Sleeth(3) Slina(1) Sloan(1) Small(9) Smallridge(12) Smallwood(19) Smaniottto(2) Smeltzer(2) Smerowski(1) Smice(8) Smith(227) Smouse(1) Smyith(1) Smyth(2) Snapp(1) Snead(1) Sneed(1) Sneger(1) Snell(1) Snider(8) Snodgrass(1) Snook(1) Snouffer(1) Snow(6) Snowden(2) Snyder(51) Soares(1) Sokolosky(1) Somerville(1) Sommerville(5) Sonderman(2) Sonner(1) Sopha(3) Sothers(1) Souders(1) Soule(2) Soulen(5) Soult(3) Soults(2) Sourded(1) Southard(4) Southards(1) Soverns(1) Sowder(3) Sowers(1) Spahr(1) Spain(1) Spalding(2) Spangler(3) Spar(1) Sparks(2) Spaulding(7) Spaur(5) Spaw(14) Speakman(1) Spear(1) Spears(7) Speck(7) Specker(1) Speed(2) Speer(2) Speier(11) Spell(2) Spencer(20) Speran(3) Sperry(1) Sphar(1) Spicer(3) Spier(1) Spiker(21) Spillman(2) Spindler(20) Spinney(2) Sponaugle(1) Spore(2) Spotts(2) Sprago(1) Sprague(3) Sprigade(1) Sprigg(1) Springston(1) Sprout(3) Spurgeon(2) Squires(3) St. Amand(5) St. John(9) Staats(1) Stacey(1) Stacy(1) Stafford(2) Stahlberger(1) Stahls(1) Staley(1) Stallard(1) Stalnaker(18) Stample(1) Stanbaugh(1) Standard(1) Stanek(1) Stanfill(5) Stanley(2) Stansberry(401) Stansbery(2) Stansbury(35) Stant(8) Stanton(2) Staple(1) Staples(7) Starcher(1) Staritt(5) Stark(1) Starkey(28) Starks(40) Starling(6) Starling-Klatt(1) Starn(5) Starr(1) Stateman(2) Statler(2) Staton(8) Stauffer(1) Stearns(1) Steber(1) Steck(1) Stecklein(4) Steel(2) Steele(19) Stefan(1) Steinbach(1) Steltz(1) Stemple(6) Stephens(5) Sterling(5) Sterlling(1) Sternberge(3) Sternke(1) Stevens(45) Stevenson(4) Steward(1) Stewart(25) Stickel(1) Stiffler(1) Stiles(4) Stiller(1) Stillman(2) Stillwell(1) Stineman(1) Stinner(1) Stipps(1) Stire(1) Stitt(8) Stoddard(1) Stoffer(1) Stolz(1) Stombaugh(1) Stone(29) Stonebraker(1) Stoneking(2) Stonerock(3) Stonestreet(1) Stooks(1) Storage(1) Storey(5) Storjohann(1) Story(3) Stotler(1) Stottlemyer(2) Stotts(2) Stoudnour(2) Stoughton(2) Stout(3) Stovall(1) Stover(3) Stowe(2) Strader(73) Straight(9) Straley(1) Strange(2) Strate(1) Straterman(1) Stratton(1) Straub(7) Strauser(1) Strausser(1) Strawderman(37) Strawser(29) Streeter(1) Streitenberger(1) Strickland(1) Stringer(2) Stroble(1) Stroman(3) Stropas(2) Stroup(2) Stuck(2) Stuckey(1) Studer(1) Stultz(3) Stump(9) Sturgen(1) Sturgeon(1) Sturm(3) Stutler(1) Stutzman(1) Styles(2) Styne(1) Styvesant(1) Sudbury(1) Suddeth(1) Suder(2) Sulexky(1) Sullivan(1) Summerfield(2) Summers(12) Sumner(1) Sumpter(2) Sunceford(1) Suroski(1) Sutherland(1) Sutliff(1) Sutters(2) Suttle(1) Sutton(7) Swaar(3) Swadley(5) Swain(5) Swalm(1) Swaney(2) Swankhouse(1) Swann(3) Swartz(2) Swayhuber(1) Sweat(2) Swecker(10) Sweeton(4) Sweigart(1) Sweitzer(19) Swett(1) Swick(3) Swift(3) Swiger(1) Swinderman(1) Swindler(1) Swink(1) Swisher(12) Sylvester(2) Symmes(1) Sypaulus(1) Sypolt(25) Szewczak(1)
Tacy(6) Tager(1) Talbert(1) Talbot(1) Talbott(19) Talley(2) Tallman(13) Tams(2) Tananor(1) Tanner(2) Tapley(1) Tasker(1) Tassin(1) Tate(1) Taylor(75) Teagarden(2) Teat(2) Teates(1) Teats(227) Teatz(2) Teed(3) Teets  (Teats or Deats)(1) Teets (Teats or Deats)(81) Teets(3566) Teetz(3) Teits(1) Temmen(2) Temple(7) Tennant(8) Tenney(153) Terry(3) Teteo(1) Teter(19) Tetes(4) Teurville(1) Tharp(19) Tharpy(1) Theard(1) Thibadough(1) Thiede(1) Thomas(42) Thomason(7) Thomison(1) Thompson(41) Thoms(2) Thomson(1) Thorn(11) Thorne(3) Thornton(2) Thorpe(3) Thurlow(2) Thurston(2) Tichenell(1) Tichinell(1) Tichnell(2) Ticich(1) Tierney(4) Tiets(2) Tiger(6) Tighe(1) Till(1) Tilton(1) Timmons(1) Tincher(2) Tinder(2) Tine(11) Tingley(4) Tinnell(4) Tinney(1) Tinsley(1) Titchenell(1) Titchwell(1) Titus(4) Toby(1) Todd(5) Toler(1) Toller(1) Tolliver(3) Tomblyn(1) Tomek(2) Tomey(3) Tomlin(4) Tomlinson(1) Tomney(1) Toms(2) Toombs(1) Torchik(1) Torno(1) Torrence(2) Toth(2) Tothill(2) Towle(4) Townsend(8) Townsly(1) Toyne(2) Trahern(1) Trainor(1) Trammel(9) Trask(1) Trautner(1) Traylor(1) Treadway(2) Tredway(1) Trefz(1) Trembley(1) Trembly(3) Trent(1) Trerrice(2) Tressler(2) Trevett(3) Treworgye(1) Trickett(10) Trigg(1) Trimble(13) Trimmer(1) Trimple(1) Trinkle(2) Trippett(2) Triska(3) Tritt(2) Trobridge(2) Tropp(1) Trotter(3) Trow(1) Trowbridge(16) Troyer(8) Truby(3) Truckasess(1) Truitt(1) Trump(1) Trundy(1) Truslar(1) Trusler(17) Trussler(2) Tsuldin(1) Tucker(7) Tudor(1) Tuimala(4) Tully(1) Turgeon(1) Turnage(1) Turner(22) Turney(3) Tusing(8) Tussa(1) Tuttle(13) Twigg(3) Twilley(1) Tygart(1) Tyler(5) Tyra(1) Tyson(1)
Ulbrich(1) Ulderich(1) Ulery(1) Ullom(1) Ulm(1) Umbel(8) Umble(1) Underwood(2) Unknown(10) Uphold(56) Upperman(1) Upton(2) Urbach(1) Urban(18) Urice(1) Usher(1) Utt(2)
Vagden(1) Vail(3) Valentine(1) Valverde Valverde(1) Van Garden(2) Van Gilder(5) Van Kirk(1) Van Kortryk(1) Van Meter(2) Van Metra(1) Van Ness(1) Van Patten(2) Van Sickle(31) Van Tassel(1) Van Vleck(3) Van Wyck(1) Vancamp(1) Vance(4) Vanderburg(1) Vandergrift(1) Vandevender(3) Vandor(1) Vanek(1) Vanetta(1) Vanhorn(1) VanMeter(3) Vannoy(1) Vanpelt(3) Vanscoy(5) Vansickle(9) Vansicle(2) Vargo(1) Varner(45) Varnum(1) Varose(1) Vasko(1) Vassar(8) Vaughn(17) Vaulters(1) Vaultonberg(2) Veith(5) Veitheim(1) Venear(1) Ventry(1) Vest(1) Vestal(1) Via(1) Vickers(4) Vickroy(1) Victor(6) Vigue(1) Villarreal(3) Villereal(1) Vimpeny(1) Vinagar(1) Vincent(4) Vint(5) Vinton(1) Viquesney(2) Virdin(1) Vlearbone(1) Vogler(2) Voies(1) Volimer(1) Volmer(1) VonBornhorst(1) Vose(2) Voss(2) Vroman(2) Vukman(1) Vust(1)
Wacht(1) Waddle(1) Wade(7) Wadelton(1) Wadsworth(2) Waggoner(5) Waggy(7) Wagner(12) Wagoner(5) Waguespeck(1) Wagy(2) Wahl(1) Waid(1) Wainscott(1) Waite(1) Wakefield(20) Walburn(6) Walburne(1) Waldean(1) Walden(1) Wales(1) Walker(21) Wallace(7) Waller(3) Wallick(2) Walling(1) Wallingford(1) Walls(6) Walters(4) Waltman(1) Walton(15) Walz(1) Wampler(1) Wamsley(6) Wandell(1) Wanless(1) Wannemacher(1) Ward(40) Wardle(1) Ware(25) Warman(3) Warner(66) Warnick(1) Warren(1) Washburn(3) Wass(4) Waters(1) Watkins(3) Watson(17) Wattenburg(1) Watts(7) Waugaman(1) Waugh(25) Waxler(1) Waybright(3) Wayne(3) Wayt(3) Waytes(2) Wayts(5) Wears(6) Weatherholt(7) Weatherson(3) Weaver(22) Webb(6) Webber(5) Weber(2) Webster(1) Weece(1) Weed(1) Weekley(4) Weekly(1) Weeks(6) Wees(1) Weese(15) Wehmes(1) Weicht(1) Weilert(11) Weills(1) Weimer(2) Weir(1) Weisenberger(1) Weiser(1) Weisman(1) Weiss(1) Welch(9) Welch/Welsh(1) Welcher(1) Weld(1) Wellejus(1) Wellen(1) Weller(2) Welling(1) Wellls(1) Wells(8) Welsh(3) Wendler(1) Wenger(2) Wentz(5) Wenzel(1) Werner(4) Werth(1) Wescott(1) West(33) Westbroek(1) Westbury(10) Westfall(150) Westlake(2) Westman(1) Weston(2) Wesver(1) Wetherholt(1) Wetherwitts(1) Wetzel (or Whitsell)(1) Wetzel(2) Weyland(1) Weymouth(1) Whaley(6) Wheeler(12) Whetsell(2) Whetzel(26) Whie(1) Whisner(2) Whistleman(12) Whitacre(4) Whitcomb(8) White(98) Whitehair(3) Whitehead(1) Whitehouse(1) Whitmer(5) Whitmire(2) Whitmore(5) Whitney(7) Whitt(3) Whitten(30) Whittington(17) Whittlatch(5) Whittle(1) Whorton(1) Whyte(3) Wiant(3) Wible(1) Wichenbach(1) Wickes(1) Wickham(2) Wickley(1) Wickliff(1) Wickline(1) Wickwire(6) Widerspach(1) Widmier(2) Wiedimoyer(3) Wiegand(2) Wiesenmayer(1) Wiesenneyer(1) Wife(2) Wiggins(4) Wilberding(1) Wilbur(4) Wilburn(5) Wilcox(1) Wilder(1) Wildfang(8) Wildfong(1) Wiles(14) Wiley(5) Wilfaun(2) Wilflong(1) Wilfong Valverde(1) Wilfong(2382) Wilhelm(35) Wilhite(1) Wilkerson(1) Wilkin(2) Wilkins(90) Will(2) Willcox(1) Willett(2) Willfong(44) Williams(83) Williamson(3) Willick(1) Willis(8) Williston(1) Willoughby(2) Wills(5) Wilmarth(3) Wilmette(1) Wilmoth(9) Wilmouth(1) Wilson(246) Wilt(14) Wilton(1) Wimer(11) Wimmer(1) Winans(29) Windall/Windale(2) Windell(9) Windham(2) Windholz(1) Windle(3) Windon(2) Windsor(1) Wine(6) Winebrenner(20) Winemiller(6) Winfandale(4) Wing(1) Wingenroth(1) Wingrove(1) Winner(2) Winter(7) Winters(7) Wiren(1) Wires(1) Wirsing(2) Wise(6) Wiseman(7) Withers(1) Withrow(1) Withrow-Marmet(1) Wittenber(1) Wittman(1) Wix(1) Woertman(2) Wolf(48) Wolfe(247) Wolfersberger(1) Wolford(9) Wolsenholm(1) Wolverton(1) Wood(23) Woodard(1) Wooddell(6) Woodell(3) Woodfil(1) Woodford(3) Woodman(4) Woodroffe(1) Woodrough(1) Woodrow(2) Woodruff(56) Woodrum(17) Woods(6) Woodward(1) Woody(2) Woolf(4) Woolford(1) Woolman(3) Worchester(4) Workman(65) Worley(3) Worry(1) Wotring(10) Woznick(1) Wratchford(2) Wright(37) Wriston(3) Wroe(2) Wyatt(6) Wyles(3) Wyman(1) Wyres/Wayres(1)
Yamanaka(1) Yanke(4) Yankey(1) Yantz(1) Yates(1) Yeager(9) Yeatman(3) Yeray(1) Yester(1) Yoakum(2) Yoho(9) Yoke(2) Yorton(2) Youger(1) Young(60) Younger(13) Younkin(3) Youtzy(1)
Zalar(1) Zaller(1) Zehner(1) Zelenak(3) Zeller(1) Zellmer(1) Zickefoose(20) Zies(1) Zimmerman(2) Zinc(1) Zinck(1) Zink(1) Zinn(10) Zirkle(78) Zobb(1) Zohner(1) Zollner(2) Zorita(1) Zupanchich(1) Zweyer(1)