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This site contains genealogy information for the Befort, Booth, Clark, Conner, de Temple, Gum, Hall, Harclerode, Hughes, Johnson, Lorentz, Lowe, McKinney, Melton, Ours, Raynes, Stansberry, Teets, Woodruff and Wilfong families, as well as many related others. Many of the above families lived in West Virginia, but they are quickly seen to be from much of the northeast, and from all over the United States. My line appears to have come from Germany. Refer to the current Journals page for the latest information, or the Charts page for quick access to some of those lines.

Henry Teets is the Pioneer:

From a detailed review of Tax Records and Land Records from Monongalia County (1785-1817) and Preston County (after 1818), it now appears evident, supported by other credible evidence, that the first Teets in what is now known as West Virginia is Henry Teets, b. c1760 or before, and his wife Mary.

Note: This evidence flies in the face of many family trees on and other genealogy sites where Michael "Old Mike" Teets is claimed to be the pioneer of this family, from a specific place in Germany. This included this author as well, prior to this new evidence.

To date, no credible evidence of "Old Mike" has been found by this author.

Check out the history of Upshur County where we grew up, or a more complete story on the history of West Virginia as a state. Also see Buckhannon-Upshur High School where many of us went to school, and West Virginia Wesleyan College.


Note: Upshur County is near the middle of the state (in yellow). Hardy, Monongalia and Preston Counties are in the northeast corner of the map at the "V" in the state (in pink).