Teets Family Album

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1st Strawberry Festival in Buckhannon,
using Mont Clarence Melton's
horses Bess and Grace.
Many of the dresses in this picture
may have been made by
Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets
See story of this festival

The James A. Garfield Wilfong Kids
Back (L-R): Karl Merideth,
Glendoline Ruth "Sue" Gum,
Donna Jeanne "Jeannie",
James Garfield "Jim", Jr.
Front (L-R): Mildred Maxine "Jo" Booth,
Dortha Irene Teets,
Wilda Augustine Clark

Dennis Billy Teets Family

L-R: "Bill", "Billy", Ida Lou,
Sondra Jo, Jenny

John & Donna Teets
Maltese Dog "Candy"


Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets
Driving Permit - Got her license
in 1956 at age 77

Dempsey Robert "Dempsie" Teets
and Family

Dennis B. Teets
DAV Commander

Donna Jeanne Rayne Engagement
to John Jay Teets II

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets
on tricycle

Freda and Cecil Teets 1994

Grace V. Teets

Grover Cleveland Teets and Family

Harry Jefferson Teets and Family

Harry Jefferson Teets
Cecil Curtis Teets

Leslie Teets, Sr. home
on Pocahontas Street
Buckhannon, WV

Dortha Irene Wilfong Teets

Irene Teets w/John and Linda Kay

John & Irene Teets in '51 Ford

Jacob Willie Wolfe
Margaret "Maggie" Teets Wolfe
and family


Jefferson and Icie Shomo Teets

Jefferson Teets

Jefferson and Icie Shomo Teets Family

Jefferson and Icie Shomo Teets Family

John and Donna Teets in Hawaii

John Jay Teets
Irene Teets
Linda Kay Teets
John Jay Teets II

John and Irene Teets

John Jay and Bill Teets

John Columbus Teets in rowboat

John J Teets II with
bike and dog "Brownie"

John J Teets II at WVWC

John Guile Teets Family
(John is far right sitting)
Millie Albertus Funkhouser
(far right standing)

Leslie and Bobby Teets house
on Pocahontas Street
in Buckhannon, West Virginia

Leslie Teets, Sr.
as a young man

Leslie Teets Sr. Family
in Wheeling WV 1953

Ida Lou, Les Jr., and Sondra Jo Teets

Leslie Teets, Jr
Sears Team Manager

Leslie Teets, Jr. and Bobby Teets,
Donna and James Chapman

Leslie Teets, Jr, Ann, John,
Bill, Delphia Blanche,
and Leslie Teets, Sr.

Leslie and Bobby Teets
1st house in Oscoda, Michigan

Leslie Teets, Jr

Leslie Teets, Sr
Delphia Blanche
and son John J. Teets

Leslie Teets, Jr.
American Legion Plaque

Leslie Teets, Sr.
Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Leslie Teets, Jr.
Barbara Jean "Bobby" Melton Teet
"I love West Virginia!"

Leslie Teets, Jr.
at manager's desk

"Lizzie" and John Columbus Teets

The Pringle Tree Monument

Leslie Teets Family
Les, Ida Lou, Delphia Blanche,
Irene, John, Bill
Kneeling: Billy, John II

Teets trip West

Kohne Teets Family c1920s
 Front (L-R):  Ervin Kohne, Roxanna (Kohne) Lewis, Roy Teets, Preston Teets, Back (L-R): Joseph "Joe" Teets, William E Kohne, Eliza (Teets) Kohne, Charles Ernest Liskey, Paul Teets, Julia (See) Teets, & Courtney Teets

Delphia Blanche Teets
with son Dennis Billy Teets

Paul Teets
(son of Joseph D. Teets),
James Edward "Eddie" Teets (brother of Joseph), unknown, Barbara Teets Tusing (sister of Joseph

Back (L-R): Edna (Teets) Geesaman,
Courtney Teets, Paul Teets,
Preston Teets, Daisy (Teets) Liskey
Seated (L-R): Joseph "Joe" Teets, Julia (See) Teets
Summer 1957


(L-R): Virginia "Ginne" Wilson Teets,
Cora Teets (daughter of Lucy),
Lucy Teets Rinker, Eliza Teets Kohne,
Susan Teets Tusing,
Sarah Teets Combs,
James Edward "Eddie"
Teets, Issac Jacob Teets,
Laban Wilson Teets, Joseph D. Teets
April 30, 1894

Front (L-R): Preston Teets,
Roy Teets (on lap of father
Joseph "Joe" Teets),
Julia (See) Teets,
Back (L-R): Preston Teets,
Daisy (Teets) Liskey,
Courtney Teets, Edna (Teets)
Geesaman, Paul Teets

Standing (L-R): Glen Teets,
Dennis Teets, Wanda Teets Kissinger,
Dale Teets, Russell Teets
Sitting (L-R): Martha Bowman Teets,
Richard Teets
November 1980

Maude Teets Edmunds with Charles

Tom "Tommy" Teets
son of John Columbus Teets

Anna Lee "Ann" Teets Conner

Hannah "Annie" Starks
sister of "Lizzie" Starks,
wife of John Columbus Teets

Eva Grace Hornbeck Teets
wife of Grover Cleveland Teets

Dempsey Robert "Dempsie" Teets

Phyllis Teets Graham

Hannah "Annie" Starks

Dice Teets and friend

Mollie Teets Zirkle

Avery Faith Teets
daughter of Duane Douglas Teets

Grover Cleveland Teets and daughter

Barbara Ann "Barbie" Hurst Teets

Dennis B. Teets and wife Ginny

Barbara Jean Melton Teets

William Henry "Billy" Teets Family

Cade Michael Teets
son of Duane Douglas Teets

Cassidy Rayce Teets
son of Darren James Teets

Cecil Curtis Teets in Japan

Cecil Curtis Teets

Darien Scott Lambert

Dana Kay Teets
daughter of Robert Allen Teets

Christopher Columbus "Jim" Teets and Family


Darren James Teets

Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Dennis Billy Teets - USN

Dennis Billy Teets

Delphia Blanche Stansberry Teets

Donald Lee Teets

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets

Dortha Irene Wilfong Teets

Dylan James Teets
son of John Jay Teets III

Duane Douglas Teets

Evelyn Virginia Teets
daughter of Turner Wade Teets

Haley Nicolle Teets
daughter of Darren James Teets

Harry Jefferson Teets

Hayden Neil Tomlin

Icie Shomo Teets

Ida Lou Teets

Ida Lou Teets

Icie Shomo Teets

Janice Michele Luce Teets

Jason Martin

John Columbus Teets

Jessica Irene Martin

Jefferson Teets

Grace V. Teets Smith
daughter of Anthony Lee Teets

Graduation cake for
Duane Teets (A&M) and
Darren/Michelle Teets (UT)

Leslie Teets Sr.
home on Pocahontas Street,
Buckhannon, West Virginia

John Jay Teets II

Jonnilyn Martin

Joseph D. Teets home
near Jacob Teets Cemetery
Lost River, Hardy County,
West Virginia

Leslie Teets, Jr. and Family

Leslie Teets, Jr.

Leslie Teets, Jr.

Linda Kay Teets Martin

Sondra Jo Teets
Osborne Trammel and grandson

John Jay Teets II

Robert Allen Teets with
Mom and Dad
at Pebble Beach

Robert Trammel

Royce Anthony Teets

Taylor Tomlin

The Teets Boys
of John and Donna Teets

The Teets Boys
in Buckhannon for
Grandma Irene's Funeral
December 2000

Teets boys and wives at
Dad's retirement party

The John J Teets II Family

Leslie Teets, Sr Family

Samantha Arnold's bon voyage party
John J Teets II family

Tinaka Marie Wright Teets

Lyndsey Marie Teets

Robert Allen Teets

Taylor Ann Teets

Justin Derrick Teets

Jacob Dwayne Teets

Barbara Jean Melton Teets
and great-grandson Derek Teets

Jared Dylan Teets


Richard Terence "Ricky" Teets

Colt Hunter Teets

Jeremiah David Teets


Richard Terrence "Ricky" Teets
and the "J" boys

Joseph Devin "Joey" Teets

Ray Onzil Zirkle
Mollie Mae Teets Zirkle,
daughter Dorothy Elouise Zirkle

Zirkle Family
Mollie Mae Teets Zirkle
(front row, kneeling 2nd from right)
and all her children and grandchildren

Anthony "Tony" Teets
Laura Cutright Teets
and grandchild (unknown)
Picture taken by
Christopher Columbus "Jim" Teets

James Leslie Teets
(Row 1, 2nd from left)
Williams District
High School Football Team 1929

Albro Teets, Mary Elizabeth Liggett Teets
and children in front of home
in Turkey Run, West Virginia

Harrison Teets Family

Albert Teets - Soldier

John Cleophas Teets Children

John Cleophas Teets - Railroad Engineer

John Lawrence "Bugs" Teets and dog

John Columbus Teets and
Elizabeth Ann "Lizzy" Starks Teets

Samuel Galloway and
Annie Starks House

John Starks and

Teets General Store
"A Bit of Everything for a Bit Less"
Terra Alta, West Virginia

Children of Harrison
and Florence Guthrie Teets:
(L-R) Albert, Minnie (Schroyer),
Blanche (Uphold),
May (Casteel), William

Children of Harrison
and Florence Guthrie Teets:
(L-R) Edna Teets Grim
(d/o John Cleophas Teets), 
Minnie (Schroyer),
Albert, Blanche (Uphold)

Arthur Grimm and
Edna Maude Teets Grimm

Ernest Vincent Teets, c1945
"After the cow got through with it"

(L-R) Woodrow Wilson Teets,
Virginia Grace Teets Carr,
Grandma Eva Grace Hornbeck Teets,
Charles Everett Teets, Mary Elizabeth Teets Smith, Louis Edward "Eddie" Teets (at Mary Teets farm in Sistersville, West Virginia)


John Guile Teets
Wedding Photo

Jacob Teets Family, circa fall 1920
1. Rachel Catherine "Katie" Teets
2. Noah Granville Combs
3. Cora Ann Dellinger Teets
4. Jacob Jackson Teets
5. Jessie May Wilkins Teets
6. Moses Parrin Teets
7. Ethel  Grace Clem Teets
8. Branson Kaiser Teets
9. Charles Lovel Teets
10. Della Virginia Combs Teets
11. Robert Warden Teets
12. Quincy R. "Quinn" Bradfield
13. Elizabeth "Eliza" Baker
14. Jacob Teets
15. Mary Elizabeth See

16. Hattie Mae Teets Bradfield
17. Herbert L. Wilkins
18. Grace Belle "Gracie" Teets Wilkins
19. Mildred Albertus"Millie" Funkhouser
20. John Guile Teets

Jacob Teets Children, circa fall 1920
(L-R Front Row)
Grace Belle "Gracie" Teets Wilkins,
Rachel Catherine "Katie" Teets,
Jacob Teets & Elizabeth See Teets,
Hattie May "Hallie" Teets Bradfield

(L-R Back Row)
Robert Warden Teets,
Moses Parrin Teets,
Charles Lovel Teets,
John Guile Teets,
Branson Kaiser Teets,
Jacob Jackson Teets

Delphia Blanch Stansberry Teets
with son Dennis Billy Teets, c1916


Grover Cleveland Teets, with
wife Eva Grace Hornbeck , c1911

1987 B-U High School Reunion
Les Teets, Sue Gum,
Jim Simon, Gus Feola
See name list here

David Wilson Teets Family

Tom, Ida, Ada, Cora, David, William,
Rebecca, Dessie, Zona, Alta

David Wilson Teets Children

William, Ida, Cora, Ada,
Dessie, Zona, Tom, Alta


Rebecca Lantz 4 Generations:
Rebecca Lantz Teets,
Dessie Teets Bean,
Hazel Bean Queen,
Sylvia Queen

O'Tillie Teets Alberts, Gertrude Teets, Great Grandmother Teets (Scottie Virginia Wilson Teets?), Victoria Teets, Miranda Teets Haas, Lydia Teets Grimes, James Teets, Calvin Teets, Edward Teets, Benjamin Teets, Jacob Teets, David Teets

Haas brothers: Lee H. Haas, Branson Lee Haas, Earl Strothers Haas, Charles Edward Haas

 George Wotring, Wyatt Queen,
Cora Teets Queen, Ida Teets Hyre,
Ed Hyre, Ada Teets Wotring,
seated, Freda Queen Simon


Teets Brothers Circus, 1902 by Harry Armstrong
"Jake Teets on the Right"
Dining Car & Sleeper"
From Circus World Museum, Baraboo, WI
(thanks to Pat Bausell, Annapolis, MD)


Jacob Teets Extended Family,
circa fall 1920


Jacob Teets Extended Family & kids,
circa fall 1920

Lloyd Granville Teets, with
wife Mary Iva Wyat Teets

Children of Samuel Andrew Teets and Katherine Van Sickle:

Top L-R:  Isabella Teets Whetsell, Elizabeth Alice Teets Lewis, Maria Teets Sypolt;
Bottom L-R: Charles Grant Teets, Martha Ann "Mattie" Teets, Eugene Teets

Back Row - Dorsey & Ceil (Rollins) George, Jay & Winnie (Bines?) Stansberry, Rita Hollen, Delphia (Stansberry) & Leslie Teets

2nd Row - Sally (Stansberry) Rollins, Carrie Stansberry, Elijah Stansberry, Henry Stansberry, Bertha (Stansberry) Hollen, Dana (Hollen) Shope;

1st Row - Bill Teets, John Jay Teets, June Shope [my Mom], Jean Shope