Melton Family Album

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Mont Clarence Melton, Sr.
Allie Hayes Melton c1944

Allie Hayes Melton
with son Donald Dwight Melton

Mont Clarence Melton Family

Allie Hayes Melton
with son Donald Dwight Melton

MontClarence Melton Sr.
with dog

1st Strawberry Festival in Buckhannon,
using Mont Clarence Melton's horses Bess and Grace.
See story of this festival

James L. Rohr

Jimmy Melton

Kimberly Dawn Neely
July 1992 - 2000

Howard Kenneth Neely 1998

Hayes Monroe Melton

Alene "Ene" Melton

"Denny the Deer"

Denny the Deer Story
in the West Virginia Hillbilly

Sitting (L-R): Ginnie, Floyd
Standing (L-R): Hayes, Helen,
Jackie, Freda, Ruby, Ruth, Don

Jackie and Alene Melton
at the French Creek Game Farm
(aka West Virginia Wild Life Center)

Nina, Josie, Zeta Hayes
(Josie Hayes Melton)

Floyd O. Melton

David Lee Neely
Sept 1993 - Sept 1996

Eugene P. Shreve
Ruth Hattie Melton's husband

T. Staff Sergeant
Howard Kenneth Neely
Inducted August 1941

Michael Eugene Walker
State Trooper 9/29/1975-10/1/2000

Sitting: Benjamin Adley "Jinks" Melton
Standing (L-R): Altha Beulah Melton
Emory Jefferson Melton
Beulah O'Della

Shannon 15,
Julie 11
Christmas 1994