Harclerode Family Album

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Harclerode 50th Wedding
Anniversary Reunion 1987
Back (L-R): Gloria Jean Raynes Lowe,
Don Harclerode
Front (L-R): Linda Kay Harclerode Young,
Dorothy Rosabell Johnson Raynes Harclerode,
James Oliver Harclerode,
Sandra Lee Harclerode Hughes

Harclerode Reunion

Harclerode Reunion

Donna Jeanne Rayne Engagement
to John Jay Teets II

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets
on tricycle

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets
at Alcatraz with mom
Dorothy Rosabell Johnson Raynes Harclerode

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets
with sister
Linda Kay Harclerode Young

Donna Jeanne Raynes Teets
with sons
Robert Allen "Rob"Teets
Darren James Teets
Duane Douglas Teets,
John Jay Teets III

Harclerode Family
Back (L-R): Gloria Jean,
Donna Jeanne,
Rosabell, Jim
Front (L-R): Linda Kay,
Sandra, Don

James Oliver Harclerode
United Mine Workers

Loup Creek Colliery Store

Jim & Rose with Donna at the
New River Bridge in West Virginia

Harclerode Home
on Park Street
Buckhannon WV

Rose Harclerode
with Mayor J. D. Hinkle
working on the Heart Fund

Elizabeth "Betty" Jane Harclerode

Chalmers William Harclerode,
son of Shannon Oliver Harclerode

Chester Arthur Harclerode

David Harclerode, Sr.
Father of
Shannon Oliver Harclerode

Don Harclerode

Rosabell Harclerode

Gerald Harclerode and
pet chicken "Dickie"

Golda Adair "Goldie" Detrich Johnson
Rosabell Johnson Harclerode's mother

James Oliver
"Jim" Harclerode

Jesse Joseph Harclerode
and mother

Jim & Rose

Judith Harclerode McGuire

Leah E. Gladfelter Harclerode

David Banner Harclerode
Leah E. Gladfelter Harclerode

Linda Kay Harclerode Young

Mary Gladys Gladfelter
Harclerode Everhart

Mary Wyles Harclerode
wife of David Harclerode, Sr.

Oliver Evans and wife
Hanna Elizabeth "Lizzie" Harclerode

Paul Richard Harclerode,
James Oliver Harclerode's father

Sandra Lee Harclerode

Shannon Oliver Harclerode

Shannon Oliver Harclerode
Estella "Stella" Frances Showalter

Estella "Stella" Frances Showalter

Estella "Stella" Frances Showalter
and Harry Harclerode Sr.
(Shannon's brother)

Toni Helene Harclerode

Jim & Rose Harclerode at 50th

Eva Harclerode McCummins
Arvadia Harclerode Burbank
Mary Wyles Harclerode

Samuel and Shannon Harclerode
and their families c1930s

Samuel Harclerode w/son Chester and
sister Hanna Elizabeth Harclerode Evans

Samuel Harclerode family c1909

Samuel Harclerode family c1907

Charles Henry Harclerode 2-19-1894

Jesse Joseph Harclerode 8-22-1897

Arvadia Harclerode with friend

Samantha Joy Arnold
Daughter of Linda Kay
Harclerode Young

(L-R):  David Banner Harclerode (Shannon's son),
Joseph Ranson Harclerode,
Shannon Oliver Harclerode,
and Samuel Francis Harclerode. 
Girl in between Shannon and Samuel
may be June Clarissa Harclerode Christy
(Arvadia's daughter and Samuel's granddaughter).
(Photo c1920s+ Courtesy of Jil Loewit)